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Why is Financial Literacy important?

Instil a habbit of
Develop entrepreneurial
Becoming responsible
Lear your own

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"Discover our fun and community interactive courses that will teach you how to manage money and start your own business!"

Real review from real Kid’s

Sagar kumar choudhary
11th Class | New Delhi

My experience is very enriching you classes are very interesting and informative. These classes are very useful for the future. They teach me how to manage money and other topics that are easy and insightful.

Nikhil kumar
11th Class | New Delhi

When I started my management course, I was a beginner in this field. Now I have learned so many things. I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and laid out, and easy for me to follow.

Vivek Kumar
10th Class | Noida

I am truly grateful for the finance course I completed with EduPandas. The program's comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and practical approach enhanced my financial knowledge significantly. It's been a valuable investment in my education.

Rahul Singh
12th Class | New Delhi

"Enrolling in EduPandas" finance course was a game-changer for me. The course content was rich, the instructors were knowledgeable, and the learning experience was exceptional. I now feel confident in my financial skills, thanks to EduPandas.

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Course Duration: 3 months
20 Live Classes
Choose between a Junior and a Senior course
Quizzes, Assignments, Fun activities
Personalised feedback and support
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Curriculum Includes

Banks, Money Management, Consumer Rights and Financial Laws, Tax Planning, Entrepreneurship, and more

What do you learn?

Create Budgets and plan your expenses
Understand the concept of saving and how to save towards a goal
Understanding the power of compound interest
Navigating the basics of taxes
Cultivating responsible financial behaviour
Developing effective money management skills
Promoting financial independence

Money Manager Certification: Building Financial Confidence

INR 19980
INR 999 per Class


Course Duration: 6 months

Everything in Freshman

50 Live Classes
Choose between a Junior and a Senior course
Quizzes, Assignments, Fun activities
Develop skills and creativity
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Curriculum Includes

Investment, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Micro and Macro Economics, Macro Economics,Global Finance Market and International Trade,and more, and, Everything in Freshman Module

What do you learn?

Making informed financial decisions
Become responsible at budgeting and investing
Making informed consumer choices
Understanding the basics of investing
Understanding the impact of economic factors

Financial Wizard Certification: Empowering Financial Success

INR 37950
INR 759 per Class


Course Duration: 12 months

Everything in Freshman & Sophomore

120 Live Classes
Choose between a Junior and a Senior course
Quizzes, Assignments, Fun activities
Develop skills and creativity
Mentorship by an expert of finance
Interact with experts and industry leaders
Career counselling
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Curriculum Includes

Inflation, Identity Theft and Online Security, Money Mindset, Taxes, Economic System, Mutual Funds and Bonds, Loans, FinTech, Stock Market, Portfolio Management, Financial Scams, and more and, Everything in Freshman and Sophomore Modules

What do you learn?

Be able to manage your portfolio & wealth
Managing debt responsibly
Evaluating financial risks
Understanding the impact of inflation
Recognizing and avoiding financial scams
Cultivating a long-term financial mindset

Money Maestro Certification: Expertise in Financial Literacy

INR 75480
INR 629 per Class

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